The Off Grid Treehouse is not your average property, so we do have some house rules guests must follow in order to stay there. These will also be listed in our rental agreement guests will sign at booking. We have these rules for your safety, and for the safety of our property and to protect the work we have put into it. As long as you respect our place, and follow the rules, your security deposit hold will be released and you will not be charged any damage fees. In other words be a decent human being and please don't steal, throw a party, bring people or dogs you aren't supposed to, don't smoke, light fires or candles, don't be careless, disresepectful, or irresponsible, and put safety first and you will have nothing to worry about...but please read all the rules below as you will be held liable for them. 

The following are rules guests must follow when staying on our property at the Off Grid Treehouse:

-There will be a $300 security deposit hold placed on your method of payment, this will be released upon checkout if no damages or broken rules have occured.

-Tiny Wood Stove: We have a separate liability waiver and a video guests are requied to watch before use of the wood stove. It is a tiny wood stove and has different requirements so it doesn't get to hot and cause a fire in the treehouse. Do not burn ANYTHING besides firewood (no store bought fake logs, wax, lighter fluids, or gases). Do not leave the property while burning a fire or ever leave it unatteneded. Very important!

-No candles, open flames, outdoor fires, or anything that can cause flames allowed.

-No flushing toilet paper or anyhting else besides poo & pee. Toilet paper goes in the trash. 

-No touching the solar electrical, or settings. 

-No Smoking or vaping allowed inside or within 25' of the treehouse building. There is a propane tank and a methane toilet system that are flammable.

-Absolutely no hair dryers, curling or flat irons, clothes irons, heaters, kitchen appliances, or anything that produces heat or high wattage in any way. Our solar setup is for small things only, like cell phone chargers. We will be taking a picture of our battery bank before every guest checks in, so we will know if there is guest overuse or excess electrical items plugged in draining or frying the system.

-If guests use the grill, please clean it after use. 

-No guests or dogs are allowed inside the cow pasture

-No feeding the cows anything besides carrots or apples, especially no foliage, lots are poisonous! 

-No hunting or recreational shooting or use of weapons on our property. 

-Please put trash in bags before putting into the larger trash bin. No loose trash.

-Do not drive up the last hill up to the treehouse, it is too steep. Do at your own risk. 

-No additonal guests are allowed that are not on the reservation. Visitors are allowed with owner permission only.

-Absolutely no parties!

-Although we allow dogs, they must be approved at booking, up to 2 dogs only. Pets are not allowed to be left unattended in the treehouse or on the property. They must be with you at all times. Please pickup after your pets.

-Respect the neighbors, don't be excessively loud, rude, or disrespectful, or we will ask you to leave.

-We have a 100% you will see a bug guarantee. The treehouse is in the woods, bugs are inevitble even though we spray for pests quarterly and have bug screens. 

-Don't steal, or take home anything from the treehouse.

-Check-out is at 11am. No late checkout. 

-Guests acknowlege there are driveway cameras at the property. We respect your privacy and will never film you at the building or inside.