Frequently Asked Questions

What does off-grid mean?

This means we are completely off the power and city utility grid. We create our own solar power, water watchment, plumbing, and heat. 

How private is the off-grid treehouse?

We own 23 wooded sloped acres and you will have them all to yourself! Our nearest neighbor you pass on the way up, they are about 1/4 mile away in the front. It's completely private, you won't see another soul. We have zero neighbors in back of the treehouse and we own up to the ridge. In the winter as the leaves fall, you will see some distant neighbors rooftops, but it's still completely private. 

What kind of noises will there be?

We are in the country and wilderness, and overlook a valley, so sound echos. You will hear neighbors, roosters, dogs barking, birds, coyotes, lawn equipment, crickets, owls, and occasionally gunshots. 

What elevation is the off-grid treehouse?

The treehouse is at about 3100 elevation. We own up to the ridge above the treehouse which goes up to about 3700 in elevation.

What can I see during different seasons at the treehouse?

Great question! In the spring you have dogwoods, mountain laurels & azaleas blooming which are all around the treehouse and hummingbirds starting to come out. In the summer the rhododendrons bloom and our mountain is covered in them! The fireflies come out at sunset every evening in the summer and the property just twinkles! The fall is stunning with peak foliage turning around the end of October into early November. It is spectacular! In the winter, the view is breathtaking with the foliage less abundant, the view is almost 180 degrees of snow capped mountains. Also worth mentioning are the stars! You see thousands of them and shooting stars are pretty frequent! Also staying during a full moon is amazing, the mountains just glow!

What are the treehouse rules?

Please see our tab on Rules here: Rules

Is there cell phone service?

Yes, but barely. We do have a signal booster as well. You should be able to make phone calls and send texts, but apps and picture/video texts may be delayed or not load or send at all. 

When is Check-in & Check-out?

Check-In is anytime after 3pm and Check-out is 11am. However, we do recommend arriving before dark if possible, as it is a rural gravel road and driveway and its easier to find during the day. We cannot allow early check-ins or late check-outs as we have other guests the same day and we have to allow time for the treehouse to be cleaned in between. 

What is the square footage of the off-grid treehouse?

The interior is set up like a studio and is 12' x12' so 144 sq ft.

Is the treehouse actually suspended in the trees?

No. We do have trees coming through the front deck though so it feels like a treehouse up in the trees without the dangers of being suspended. 

Why do the rates fluctuate?

We use a booking site that automatically adjusts our rates to weekend, holiday, and local area event demands. So our rates will change depending on the demand for rentals in the area due to popularity. So popular events, weekends and holidays will generally cost more. 

Is there a kitchen? 

We have a kitchenette with a 2 burner propane cooktop, a copper sink, dishes, a fold down dish drying rack, and cooking pans and utensils. There is also a outdoor propane grill and a Cowboy grill that uses charcoal of wood. There is no oven. 

How many people can sleep in the treehouse?

It can sleep 3 people comfortably. There is a Queen bed that sleeps 2 + a 6' daybed cozy cushion in the bay window. 

Could I bring more than 3 people if we brought a tent?

Possibly. We do have a camping platform, but we would have to charge more per person, and keep in mind you're all sharing 1 toilet and outdoor shower. So email us at and we can talk about it. 

Will I need to walk and carry my things up a hill and stairs?

Yes. There is a rock stairway and then stairs to walk up to get to the treehouse, we do not recommend driving up. The walk up is worth it to see the view though! 

Physical Limitations?

The stairs to walk up, the treehouse itself has a set of stairs, and the toilet and some of the furniture does have a weight limit of 275lbs. 

Can I drive directly up to the treehouse?

No. We don't recommend it. It's a steep drive up, and no way to turn around, and slippery in the rain. We have a Jeep and have gotten stuck before. Drive up at your own risk. We have a parking spot at the base of the rock steps to the treehouse, about 100 ft away. 

Can any vehicle make it up the driveway?

Our driveway is gravel and has a switch back and is sloped, and not very wide with a drainage ditch. Normal cars and SUV'S, small/medium trucks can make it just fine, but probably not oversized trucks, campers, trailers etc. 

What's the off-grid toilet situation?

We have an enclosed toilet room on the back deck with a floor to ceiling window to take in the view! It is a homebiogas toilet. What this basically means is we have a normal toilet to sit on, but it pumps instead of flushes. But it cannot flush toilet paper or anything else besides poo & pee. To avoid a trash can full of yucky toilet paper, we have a bidet on the toilet to wash your tushy or lady parts first, then pat dry with toilet paper, to then throw away. The trash can for the toilet paper is a diaper genie, so you don't see anyone else's toilet paper in the trash. We have tested this method for over 11 days and it isn't gross we promise. If I can do it, anyone can! I am as girly as girly girls come. You've got this...The human waste then pumps into a septic bladder bag on the side of the treehouse. This is where it gets cool! That septic bladder turns your waste into compost and starts breaking down in the bag, which creates methane gas. That methane gas gets trapped in another bag which is saved and converted into gas to use for cooking stoves, or hot water heaters! It's a completely enclosed system, that turns your waste into something useful rather than wasteful! Genius right? 

Is there a shower?

We have a seasonal outdoor shower only. It is a beautiful outdoor shower on the back deck that faces the slope of our mountain, and also has an optional shower curtain if you're shy. But we recommend showering without it to take in and experience nature! We own everything up to the ridge, there are no neighbors anywhere in back of the treehouse or to the sides either, it's completely private. We do shut down the running water during the winter to prevent the pipes from freezing so there is no shower in the winter months. We suggest guests bring bathing wipes, they work great! We love these ones! Bathing Wipes

Is there water?

YES! We have a fresh water seasonal spring on our property we have piped into our 750 gallon catchment system with an overflow that is constantly bringing in fresh water when in season. And also a gutter catchment system. This water is then filtered and piped into the house for showers, the kitchen sink, garden hose, and toilet. We also have a UV light the water filters through with a flip of a switch if you want to drink it. That is completely up to the guest, and at your own risk. Bring your own drinking water if t makes you uncomfortable. We also have water test strips if you want to test it first. We do shut down the running water during the winter to prevent the pipes from freezing. We will provide guests with 5 gallon drinking jugs with a dispenser to use, and the toilet still has water to flush. However the bidet will not be running. We do shut the water down to protect the pipes in the winter, Nov-ish thru March-ish. 

Is there hot water?

YES! We have a propane tankless hot water heater, so you can take a hot shower or wash dishes like normal. This is shut down in the winter months. Guests may heat up hot wster in the kettle on the stove though! 

When is the water shutdown for the winter?

We do shut down the running water during the winter to prevent the pipes from freezing, typically from Nov-ish thru March-ish. In 2022 we shut it down Nov 25, in 2023 was Nov 1st, always depends on the 1st frost date. We turned the water back on end of March in 2022. We will provide guests with 5 gallon drinking water jugs with a dispenser to use, and the toilet still has water to flush. However the bidet, kitchen faucet, and shower will not be running. Most guests wouldn’t be showering in the cold anyway, we suggest just bringing some bathing wipes (glampers love the scrubbz brand) they leave you feeling very fresh and clean! And for hot water guests can heat up water very quickly in a kettle on the cooktop. All part of a true off-grid experience! 

Is there an A/C for the summer or is the cabin going to be hot?

There is NO A/C. The cabin will get quite warm in the late summer months and in the heat of the day. Most folks are out during the day anyway, so just try to plan your day around being away during the late afternoon if heat bothers you. Or book a cooler time of year. We do have a ceiling fan that definitely helps circulate the air very well and also have shade screens to pull over the windows and doors that face the sun! Absolutely do not leave your dogs unattended in the treehouse at anytime since it does get warm inside. This past summer the treehouse never got hotter than 82 outside and lows in 60's, except for maybe 1 or 2 rare days days above 85 on average. 

Is there heat for the winter?

YES! We have a tiny wood stove for heat, but guests must watch our how to video and sign our liability waiver before using it. We also have a Mr. Buddy propane heater guests can use if they do not want to maintain a fire, but it is up to guests to refill the propane tank at the gas station when it runs out.The tiny wood stove or propane heater must be shut off or burned down before leaving for the day or checking out. 

Can I bring a hairdryer, flat iron, or curling iron? What about a clothes iron or steamer?

NO! NO! AND NO! If you can't be without a heated hair or clothes appliance or anything that draws heat or high wattage electronics. The treehouse isn't the place for you. 

Can I bring my dog?

Yes! We love dogs! We have a $25 pet fee per dog per stay. Guests must disclose that you are bringing your dog, and that they are over 1 year old, and are well behaved and potty trained. Dogs CANNOT be left alone in the cabin or at the property at any time. They must be with you. 

Is there a fenced area?

Yes! We have a metal fenced grass area around the treehouse for dogs. But still be on the lookout for wildlife, a fence won't necessarily keep them out.  

Are kids allowed?

Kids are welcome, however, keep in mind the treehouse is on sloped land, and wildlife is present. So just be cautious and careful. You will have to guide kids on using the toilet properly and not flushing toilet paper. Caution should also be used around our railing cables. 

What should I bring?

*Ice for the cooler
*Gun, Bear Spray, Fog Horn, or something for protection from Bears. 
*Bug Spray

*Shampoo & Conditioner
*Cell phone charger
*Flashlight if arriving after dark
*Food (grocery store is 9 miles away) & dog food if applicable 
*Umbrella or Rain Jackets depending on weather (check the weather here)
*DO NOT BRING A Hair Dryer, Curling or Flat Iron, Clothes Iron, or anything that makes heat, or high wattage. Please ask us ahead of time if you have something you aren't sure about plugging in. 

What kind of wildlife is there?

LOTS! We definitely have some wildlife since we back to our own 23 acres of raw woodlands and are close to the area of Cold Mountain Game Lands, Pisgah National Forest, and Blue Ridge Parkway. We have personally seen at the treehouse; white tailed deer, black bears, coyotes, bobcats, owls, squirrels, chipmunks, gophers, raccoons, possums, and soooo many birds! Very important to keep food and trash contained to not attract bears. 

Can I bring a gun for wildlife protection?

Absolutely! But no recreational shooting or hunting is allowed on our property. 

Can I charge my cell phone or laptop?

YES! You can bring your normal chargers, those are safe for our solar power system.

Is there a refrigerator?

No. But we do provide a cooler, just bring ice! There is a gas station 6 minutes away too! 

What's the closest town for groceries or going out to eat?

Waynesville is 8 miles away and has many restaurants, shops, breweries, and groceries! Canton is also 8 miles away. 

Do I need to bring firewood?

No, we have firewood stored under the treehouse stairs, but we do ask if you use a lot of ours, that you chop some up to replenish it. The gas station also sells some. You can use the propane Mr. Buddy heater if you do not want to maintain a fire, however it is up to the guests to refill the tank when empty. 

Do I need 4 wheel drive?

No. Our gravel road & driveway are car friendly, but please drive carefully we do have a rain water ditch. 4X4 will be required in the winter time however for ice & snow.

What's the weather like?

There are 4 seasons in WNC, and fall is definitely gorgeous! Summer does get warm, average highs of 80-85 and can be humid when it rains. We love going to the river to cool off! Snow does happen in the winter, about 11" on average for the winter season. Blizzards have happened on occasion. Thunder storms and fog roll in from time to time. The trees have been cut down around the treehouse for safety. You can checkout the weather for the area here

What if there's bad weather, can I cancel?

We are happy to give a refund 5 days before a reservation, but we cannot refund after that. If you are worried about bad weather, please purchase the travel insurance offered at checkout. We definitely recommend purchasing the travel insurance during the winter months.